Jack Walker – Lifetime Achievement Award

The Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects held its Annual General Meeting in Regina on Saturday (Apr 28th). At this meeting of the association’s Members:

The first ever Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architect member was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented to Jack Walker of Regina. (Edwin John Walker)

Jack was one of the first, and aside from the turn of the century greats who looked at planning Regina and siting the Legislative Building and its environs, one of our most influential landscape architects provincially and locally.

He developed his love of plants and design growing up under his dad – who was the Superintendent of the Indian Head Tree Nursery. After studying in the U.S. ( I believe UC Berkely and Michigan State) and working in Ottawa, he was enticed to return home, becoming Joe Moran’s right hand man here at WCA. Many of the wonderful things people see here in the park are directly attributed to Jack’s design and management skills. Examples – Pathways, Waterfowl Park Display Ponds, the pumphouse overlooks and public washrooms, premiers’ monuments, Surveyors’ Monument, and most of the big park areas including amenity design, parking lots, roads etc. He certainly had a profound influence on my own professional development. I replaced Jack at Wascana Centre mid summer 1975.

Jack was the President of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (the national body of professional landscape architects) during 1968-70 and was inducted into the CSLA College of Fellows in 1972 – the highest recognition the society bestows on its members.

Jack was the individual instrumental in establishing the Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects over thirty years ago. Previously, any landscape architects practicing in Saskatchewan (and there were not many then), belonged to the distant Manitoba association. SALA currently has approximately 35 full members.

He established Habitat Design Ltd. In 1975 and is still actively engaged, at 80, as a practitioner in this office. 584-2007. He is married to Lois Walker.