About Us


The Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects (SALA) began in 1980.

Who We Are

The Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects (SALA) is the organization that represents professional landscape architects in Saskatchewan. Its Members qualify by years of education, training, experience. They subscribe to a code of ethics to ensure professional practices and to protect the interest of clients and the public.

SALA is a component organization of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects – CSLA / AAPC – L’Association des architectes paysagistes du Canada.

Professional Overview

The profession of landscape architecture is concerned with analysis, design, planning, management and rehabilitation of the land. Landscape architects integrate and apply knowledge of ecology, sociocultural factors, economics and aesthetics to create environments that are functional, innovative, appropriate and attractive.

Landscape architects provide a wide variety of professional services including landscape assessment, feasibility studies, design programming, site planning, master planning, land development planning, site design, project management and construction administration. From small properties to large development sites and increasingly seek the expertise of the landscape architects to ensure creative, sensitive and efficient use of their land.