Double Dollar$ for Scholars

In 1988, SALA presented its first student scholarship of $350*. Every year since then (except those without applicants), it has assisted a Saskatchewan student registered in a landscape architect program giving away more than $31,000 since 1988.

SALA believes assisting students is an integral part of the association, particularly because landscape architecture students from Saskatchewan must leave the province to study.  Keeping this in mind, the Fundraising Committee set out to double the endowment to increase the annual scholarship amount. The success of the 2022 campaign has moved us closer to our goal, and the scholarship amount for 2023 will increase to $3000!

We are also excited to announce that the 2022 Double Dollar$ for Scholars campaign has increased the endowment from $55,000 to more than $75,000. This happened because of the generous donations by so many.

Our goal is to continue to work towards raising the endowment to at least $100,000 to support future landscape architecture students. The – Double Dollar$ for Scholars – aims to reach this goal in two to three years, and thanks to the generous support of our donors during the 2022 campaign, we are halfway to reaching the $100,000 goal.

*The monies initially used for the SALA Academic Award were from the profits of a very successful 1985 CSLA Congress in Saskatoon.