SALA Council

Current Executive was elected in April 2024. SALA Council is elected to office for a two (2) year term. SALA meeting schedule, see below.

Dominique Clincke
Brad Wilson
David Murray
Alona Andrejenko
David Powell
Ling Tian

  • Executive Meeting 1 – May (post-AGM discussion, new executive every second year, set goals to accomplish, review applications)
  • Executive Meeting 2 – June (only if needed)
  • Executive Meeting 3 –  September (Council receives National Board Report from CSLA BOD rep; reviews finances, and confirm new members over summer)
  • Executive Meeting 4 –  October (as required)
  • Executive Meeting 5 – November (set upcoming SALA dues, review applications)
  • Executive Meeting 6 – January (as required)
  • Executive Meeting 7 – February (pre-AGM agenda, review applications)
  • Executive Meeting 8 – March (set AGM agenda, last minute coordinate)
  • Executive Meeting 9 – April (Annual General Meeting)