Volunteer for L/P Editorial

The Editorial Board is intended to broadly represent the CSLA Board of Directors, the landscape architecture academic community, and the Component Organizations. 

The role of the Editorial Board is to provide overall editorial direction for the CSLA’s national periodical, including: 

  • ensuring that content targets are achieved and that all regions of Canada are represented; 
  • providing direction as to themes, features, and special issues, and publishing this plan to the membership; 
  • encouraging the membership and others interested in Canadian landscape architecture to contribute material and soliciting material around the identified focus for any issue; 
  • participating in the review of articles submitted to the periodical; and,
  • appointing a Guest Editor for each issue.

Beyond the responsibilities listed above Editorial Board members may also elect to serve as guest editor for a particular issue of the magazine, supervise specific contributions such as interviews, discussion panels, etc., or coordinate special areas of the magazine’s content such as book reviews, recurring columns on selected topics, etc.

The Editorial Board meets once monthly, for an hour, via video-conferencing. 

Members of the Editorial Board shall be appointed for two-year terms, subject to renewal.

If you are interested in serving as SALA’s representative, please contact admin@sala.sk.ca.